JR “History of Accidents Exhibition”. How long is it opening hours? Where is it? Is it public?【事故の歴史展示館】


Hello everyone.
Do you know that there is an unusual museum (exhibition hall) that learns what safety and security is from the history of railway accidents? ?


“The Railway Museum” in Omiya is famous, isn’t it?

It was a great place to visit, it was a museum for children and adults alike!



I just walked quite a bit (lol)

The Railway Museum is very large because it displays a large train.

It is memory that walked a lot and became good exercise



I can not find the information on the “History of Accidents Museum”!

I tried to gather information when I wanted to go to Golden Week at the “History of Accidents Museum” this time …

Why can’t I find it?

There is no information.


It is surprising that there is no homepage!


I just understood that it was within the JR East General Training Center …



The information I found somehow.

I searched for information on Twitter, but I could find the information only until October 2018.


The railway accident exhibition hall is not open to the public.

I also want to visit.


…not open to the public!?


We can’t visit there….



It was firmly published on Wikipedia.



Visitors are limited to JR East employees and not open to the public.




I am very sorry that I can not visit the exhibition hall.

I hope to visit there someday when the exhibition hall is released.