”Gintama” resumes serialization with the free official app! How do you read it?


The popular manga ‘Gintama’, which has been called “end”, resumes.


Finally, GINTAMA Extended War resumes serialization with the official app!

The editor in charge, “Ah, Gintama is not complete in this third episode?” While waiting for the first manuscript of the first manuscript. DB (Dragonball) parody look for six pages It is clear that it is time!

Sorachi sensei is amazing to make him think that “Gintama does not end” from the first episode! !

I want the story to continue much more.


How do you read Gintama’s new series?

Unfortunately, the new Gintama series is only Japanese for now.

Mr. Sorachi says, “The serialization resumes to the really true and real final round !!”.


How to

First, download the GINTAMA official app to your smartphone.

Sorry for the screen shot in Japanese.

You can find it by searching for “Gintama銀魂” in the google PLAY store!

When you start Gintama official app,


The daily bonus screen will be displayed once a day.

You can get the bonus coin “silver coin” by clicking “watch short video「短い動画を見る」” and watching the advertisement video.

You will need this “silver coin” to read the story.



When the app starts up it will be the home screen.

Select the “Comic「コミック」” botton here.

I miss the first episode!

The first episode is free, so I was reading it in spite of being under investigation.

Mr. Gin is so young! !


Mr. Gin is beaten from the first episode and apologizes in the straight seat!

Mr. Sorachi is a really free author!

He’s too free and he’s supposed to do something like this(lol)


Where is the latest story in the official app?

The latest story has an item called “application serialization「アプリ連載」” by swiping the place called “Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 ..「第1巻 第2巻 第3巻・・・・」.” at the top of the screen all the way to the right.



So, if you open the latest episode 702, you can read the story with 40 pieces of “silver coin銀貨”

Of course you can read the previous stories!

Now you can enjoy the latest story of GINTAMA!