The Japanese government posts space radiation doses in Tokyo, Fukushima, and Seoul on the Japanese embassy website in Korea.

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The Japanese government has posted the radiation doses of Tokyo, Fukushima and Seoul on the website of the Japanese Embassy in Korea.

Since there was no English page yet, I made an English page using Google Translate without permission.



The amount of space radiation is lower in Tokyo than in Seoul.



In Fukushima City, the radiation dose is still high.

However, in Tokyo, it is a low value without any problems.

The amount of space radiation in Tokyo is less than 1/3 of Seoul.

You can come to Tokyo for business and sightseeing with peace of mind!






What is the actual space radiation dose in each region?



I will quote the website of the Japanese Embassy.



As shown below, the air dose rates in the following three cities in Japan are comparable to those in major cities overseas including Seoul.

The radiation dose in the environment varies depending on the weather (Note).

The Government of Japan will continue to provide accurate information based on scientific evidence and will explain it transparently and carefully.

I hope that the understanding of the Korean people will deepen.


As of 12:00 on September 25 at all locations
(Unit: μSv / h)

Fukushima city Iwaki city Tokyo Seoul
0.133 0.062 0.036 0.119


(Data source)

・ Fukushima city (prefectural north health welfare office), Iwaki city (Iwaki joint government building):

Fukushima Prefecture Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring Telemeter System (Fukushima Crisis Management Department Radiation Monitoring Room Measurement)

福島県 環境放射能監視テレメータシステム|ガンマ線量率地図で見る(福島県全域)

・ Tokyo (Shinjuku):

Nuclear Regulatory Agency radiation monitoring information (measured by Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Health and Safety)

404 - Not Found | 東日本大震災関連情報 放射線モニタリング測定結果等 | 原子力規制庁


IER Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety Technology IERNet

::: IERNet :::

* Data from other locations can also be viewed from the above websites.

(Note) Normally, the air dose rate measured is due to natural radiation from the earth, etc., but the radiation comes from natural radioactive materials present in the walls, floors, and ceilings of buildings.

Is also out. For example, the amount of radiation in buildings and tunnels is greater than that in the outside, and in urban areas where there are many concrete buildings outside, the air dose rate

The value of may be slightly higher. In addition, when it rained, dust drifting in the air was dropped on the surface by rain, and as a result,

Short-lived natural radioactive materials (Lead-214: half-life about 27 minutes, bismuth-214: about 20 minutes, etc.) will be collected on the ground.

As a result, the air dose rate may temporarily increase on rainy days.

(Reference) Niigata Prefecture Disaster Prevention Bureau Radiation Monitoring Center website “Tell me why the radiation dose differs depending on the weather and location”

天気や場所により空間放射線量率が違う理由について教えて - 新潟県ホームページ

* For health effects due to radiation, please refer to the “Unified Basic Data on Radiation Health Effects” (Japanese / English) on the Ministry of the Environment website.

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Let’s enjoy your trip to Japan!

Japan has been freed from radiation concerns!

Actually, the amount of space radiation is measured regularly to confirm that it is below the standard.


We are looking forward to seeing you in Japan for sightseeing and business!


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